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brand & visual identity
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A functional and visually effective web layout ultimately boosts customer experience in understanding the why & what in your brand. Fostering an effective voice that transcends through your branding elements to leave a lasting impression. - reconciling the gap between the screen and consumer.

Curating and establishing a cohesive brand identity with visible symbols is the pillar to a distinguishable brand - this includes your brands logo and logo mark, colour palette, packaging assets and icons.

I forever have a soft spot for illustrations, whether that be digital or on canvas, that can be an addition to your branding package or for personal use. Requests for personalised artwork is always welcome!

Build Your Brand.
my approach
Meeting you!  Onboarding
Brand Strategy
Refine & Design

Meeting and getting to know you and your creative mission! THE research - "your project, goals, target audience, market, competitors, content requirement...etc."

From here, I develop a creative approach and strategies to best showcase your core values through engaging and impactful designs.

Bringing your visual stories to life! Adjustments and refinements will be made during this stage before finalising your brand. - TESTING

3..2...1...LAUNCH! With the final approval on all design assets, I'll handover the files to you in all suitable formats. Your brand is ready for the world to see all its magic.

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